The school provides a broad, balanced and rich curriculum. The basic skills are taught primarily through English and Maths lessons although these may also be delivered in a cross curricular way. Foundation subjects are taught and planned often using a thematic approach.

Teachers will write to parents at the start of the year outlining the work being undertaken and are very happy to share information about proposed activities on request. These will also be posted on the school website.

A new entrants’ induction evening takes place in the Summer Term for parents of children who are new to the school. In the Autumn Term there will be a further parents meeting to focus on helping your child with their phonics and reading.

Information will also be made available about school activities on the school website. The school differentiates learning for all children. Those identified as achieving particularly highly in specific areas of the curriculum will be supported with extension activities and identified for additional learning opportunities. Some children may be identified as needing additional and different help, either through supplementary support or with an Individual Provision Map. Parents will be fully involved in the discussions around the process of supporting their child’s needs.


Click on the links below to access the curriculum for your child’s year group.

Reception - Coral and Opal Classes

Year 1/2/3 - Jet, Amber and Jade Classes

Year 3 - Emerald Class

Year 4 - Amethyst Class

Year 5 - Ruby Class

Year 6 - Sapphire Class