Helping your child with their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills

These documents were created by Bexley LA and were designed to be used at home to help you help your child[ren] to develop their maths skills. They focus on the three main aims of the new curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem-solving and are practical, fun and easy to use. 

EYFS Fluency

EYFS Reasoning 

EYFS Problem-solving

Year 1 Fluency

Year 1 Reasoning 

Year 1 Problem-solving

Year 2 Fluency

Year 2 Reasoning 

Year 2 Problem-solving

Year 3 Fluency

Year 3 Reasoning 

Year 3 Problem-solving

Year 4 Fluency

Year 4 Reasoning 

Year 4 Problem-solving

Year 5 Fluency

Year 5 Reasoning 

Year 5 Problem-solving

Year 6 Fluency

Year 6 Reasoning 

Year 6 Problem-solving