School Council

School Council and Eco-Schools Commitee Members


Being on the School Council is a very responsible job. We meet and have discussions and make decisions about what is right for our school. We take ideas back to our classes to discuss and we ask children what their views are. We take children's ideas back to our regular meetings.

 We also meet and greet guests and parents on Open Days, assist with the appointment of new staff and make decisions on matters which are important to school development.  Last year and this year we worked hard to achieve our Eco-Schools Silver Status.

 The following children are representing their classes as School Council Members this year.


Coral       TBC

Opal        TBC

Jet           Lulu-Nayab Alavi      Taylor Radford

Amber    Anya Mayfield           Noah Boatwright     

Jade         Isla Wotjas              Zachary Sage 

Emerald    Erin Brailsford         Noah Garbutt

Amethyst   Jessica Braddy       Liam Bennett

Ruby           Claire Longfoot      Sam Knowles Pedlar

Sapphire     Anisa Alavi             Travis Cook


Choosing Charity Events and Collective Worship

The School Council have choose the charity events we are involved in. For example, suggesting dressing as Victorians for our Dr Barnado Charity Day, dressing up as a hero on Comic Relief Day and running a bric-a-brac and toy stall for the Tear Fund.  Other decisions to be made are choosing the songs, hymns and carols we like to sing in our collective worship and church services.  
Eco Schools
The School Council has achieved the Eco-Schools Silver Status for encouraging Eco and developing greater Eco awareness across the school.  We are now working towards Green Flag Status.
Power Down Pete
Children have been involved in an assembly and presented by 'Power Down Pete' and have also taken part in an Eco Schools awareness afternoon at Embsay Primary School.
Power Down Pete Assembly
Power Down Pete
Sorting rubbish
Sorting waste for recycling

Rocker recyclerThe rocket recycler
We made our own wormery 
Fair Trade Workshop
School Council and Eco-Schools representatives took part in a Fair Trade evening on Thursday 15th October.  Here they learned how life is very hard for some people in other countries to earn a living wage.

Craven Development Education Centre Support a Litter Picking Challenge

Our School Council are taking part in a litter picking challenge. Children of the School Council are working hard to support our local environment by trying to keep it litter free. We have been litter picking, at least once a fortnight, to help our environment and reduce the amount of litter locally. We have been working in the immediate area around school on Neville Street and Montgomery Street, Devonshire Street and the Ginnel Area.  We have also been invited to do some work in the Skipton Wilderness area.  This year our School Council children are working with teh children from Brougham Street Nursery. The project has been sponsored using equipment donated by Craven DEC. 

Litter picking            litter

 Litter picking in the local community.  Children taking pride in their local environment.

Our past School Council representatives were successfully involved in the following activities:

Designing and Making a 50 Things to Do Before you are 12 Leaflet
The School Council developed a flyer of '50 things to do before you are 12' which challenges children to take part in a range of experiences they think are age appropriate.
TESCO Farm to Fork Visit
The School Council visited TESCOs on their 'Farm to Fork' initiative. Children made bread and visited the cold store and freezers to learn more about food; how it is stored and where it comes from.  The children came back into school to tell their classes about their experience.
Interviewing for a New Teacher
Well done to our Year 6 pupils who wrote their own questions and interviewed candidates who were shortlisted to work in Year 5.  The children were very professional in their approach.  Well done!
Review of the School Rules
In consultation with our class and class teachers, we were involved in the review of the school rules. The governors were pleased to have approved these rules at their meeting in June and they were in place before the end of the summer term. Our school rules are now shorter, positive and more memorable for everyone.   
Eco-Schools Status
The school Council has responsibility for encouraging Eco-Awareness in school. Amongst other things they have taken photographs of themselves and made small posters displayed around school next to light switches saying for example, 'Save energy. Save the world.  Switch if off!'
They have completed an energy audit to support thinking about how we can save energy and recycle more.
Litter Picking
Last term we have set a good example to others by litter picking in the locality immediately around our school. We have signed up to this commitment through Craven Development Education Centre and we are going to litter pick once a fortnight until November and measure the difference this is making by taking a diary of photographs.  Our equipment has been sponsored by Liz Roodhouse at the Craven Development Education Centre.   

Bottle Top Collections
We collected 4,529 bottle tops and recycled the bottles in order to earn a new free Sports Team Kit for our school through the sponsorship of the Marine Conservation Society.  Enough bottle tops were donated for our long sleeved red shirts and red shorts which were delivered in the first week of the autumn term.  They were worn by our netball team at their recent tournament and they won! Thank you to everyone for your help with this appeal and to the School Council for counting them all up! 


Eco School Award

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